Make My Album Cover

An automated version of the Album Cover Meme.

As the meme dictates, the "band names" are from Wikipedia, the "song titles" are from The Quotations Page, and the images are from flickr. Clipboard copier from mojombo.

The fonts currently being used are:

Q: Why are some images so blocky?
A: In order to make a square cover, the sides are trimmed off. (either left and right, or top and bottom) Then the image is scaled up to the proper size. So if you have a very tall or a very wide image, the resulting cover will be blocky.

Q: The picture didn't appear/The text didn't appear/The caption looks weird due to foreign characters or punctuation.
A: Oops. Try again.

Q: What kinds of results can you get?
A: Some sample pictures are shown below.

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